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Русский язык добавьте!!!!

Нет русского языка и бесплатные только 4 стремные клавиатуры! Не стоит своих денег!


Зря потратила деньги. Ничего интересного, если что-то и можно выбрать, то это платное. Русская клавиатура обычная. Если пользуетесь в основном русскими буквами, то и нет смысла тратить деньги! Осталась крайне не довольна

Нужна дороботка

Приложение интересное, но нет раскладки для русского языка, разработчики, добавьте пожалуйста в следующем обновлении русскую раскладку !


приложение весит много,со скоростным интернетом еле еле скачалось, мало того что я отдал за него денег, нету русской раскладки хоть бы в описании написали какие есть раскладки, короче говоря деньги на ветер приложение полная лажа, либо до работайте, либо уберите с продажи это убожество!!!! вообще приложение на данном этапе вообще ни о чем не покупайте не качайте ни в коем случае!!!


Нет по русски! Плохо!!!

Нету русской раскладки!

Еще плюс если вы включаете эту клавиатуру - все что вы пишете передается разработчикам - в том числе и номер карты и пароль. Ну и нету русской раскладки. Покупать не стоит.

I love it! !

I love this app it’s awesome and it makes my iPhone look unique. This great app makes typing fun. Highly recommend to everyone!!


You need to get this app it’s so fun to mess around with and have fun cool keyboards. The keyboards are so amazing. I’m using the keyboard all the time. It makes your keyboard look really cool.

Cool app to customize your keyboard!

This app is amazing. With this app you can easily customize your keyboard. There are many cool keyboards to choose from! They work perfectly! My keyboard is cool and unique now. It’s a great app and is very easy to use. I recommend this app for everyone. I think all of you should try this app. I love it! You guys are so awesome to make such a great app. I hope you will keep up the good work.

Best keyboard app

I absolutely love this app! This app is wonderful! I choose a keyboard and set it then I show my friend my new keyboard they said wow. Now I use it every day. It always works perfectly. I have literally tried many keyboard apps and this one is the best. Keyboards are cool and quality is good and easy to set. I love this app. This app is the best one! Top of the year.


It does not work. I want my money back

Not working!!!!

I am so upset!!! I just purchased this app and unlocked all keyboards and it worked at first, but isn't now! Uggggg!




I was scammed out of 5 dollars for this junk


Biggest waste of money of my life You have to buy the keyboard after you purchase the app. It makes it slower too


It didn't put the skin on my keyboard I wanted the beach and it didn't put it on!!!!!!

Not ideal

Very can barely type. Also, you are only offered 3 free keyboards. The advertised keyboards are $1.99 extra. In my opinion its was not worth the $2.99

Bad and didn't work. Cost to much.

Bad app. And it doesn't work. And it was a waste of 6 bucks.

I love it

So for those who say it does not work (this is for IPhone) you have to go to settings and go to keyboard and add it the go to the keyboard and go to the globe and go to YEAH KEYS

Need a refund

Does not work


Just want money, first you buy the app then you have to buy the keyboards


Scam- took my money and had no instructions! Plus once you load it the developer can see what you type and get your information such as credit card info and so on. If you bought this delete it NOW. Needs to be reported to Apple!!

I want a refund

Took my money


The keys dim down anyway so there is no point in getting this. Waste of money...

Good but needs improvements

The app is good but it needs work. One i was confused because the app didn't give me any instructions on how to use it. I had to search it up on the internet. Another complaint I have with it is that I can't use my emojis, numbers, and I can't even use the space bar. But besides the things that I listed, it's a good app.

I demand a refund

This app is a scam. Don't buy it.

Its okay

The typing is a little slower than im used to but its pretty. For everyone who thinks they just took your money, you can make it work. 1. Go to settings 2. Click on general 3. Scroll down and click on keyboard 4. Click on keyboards 5. Click add new keyboard 6. Under third-party keyboards it should say Yeahkeys, click on it and it will add it to your keyboards. 7. Go to messages and on your keyboard click the symbol in between the emoji and the numbers... There ya go!

It's all fake

This is fake and it took my money

I demand a refund

The app is horibal all of keyboards that are good or animated cost 1.99. You only get 3 free ones


Took my money


Takes your money and doesn't change anything on your keyboard


its fake and i will report you


Have to buy the good keyboards


Took my my money


Nobody buy it! I wasted my money on an app that doesn't work, nobody buy it, won't work, tried EVERYTHING

Don't buy

They make you but the app for $2.99 then you have to pay for all of the good keys $1.99 each and I'm the end it doesn't even show up for your keys


I literally bought this app and it doesn't even work it's a waste of money they keyboards don't even work I've tried and tried and even looked up videos for it and it still didn't work

This is cancer

I literally bought this and it does nothing don't waste you money it is a scam and next make an app that u actually do something and works for gods sake if it's going to cost money


This is honestly the worst app I have ever wasted money on

Fake!!! Not a real app!!!

Does not integrate with your keyboard. Only option is to 'share' on Facebook. The only time you can see the 'fancy' keyboard is in the app itself. REFUNDS!!!!


🖕🏾 Screw this freaking app it is a piece of crap

Just why

So this app cost 3 dollars and I dose not even work. You can only see that typing a background on the app and when you go off it's not there. My others resin it is bad is that over half the backgrounds cost and extra 2 dollars.


Waste of time and all of the keys are ugly. Plus when you click a letter it does this weird jumping thing. I recommend SWIFTKEY! It's free and gives you the ability to swift your words like on a galaxy! Plus the colors are nicer!

It does not work

The check buttons doesn't work


When you get the app you get to choose 4 different things and the rest you pay also it does not work. Also I don't get it haha




I just downloaded this app and I swear to god and Jesus I read it as FREE on my phone! Then I enter my Apple ID and a flash of $2.99 on the button pops up. I'm not sure if I'm stupid, my phone doesn't work, or if I just got scammed $2.99, or all. I found this app off of Instagram and obviously I was too stupid to look at the horrible reviews on it. Didn't even open the app in case there was a virus or cookies on it (which I've heard now there is). This is so odd and scammy on so many levels. I could've bought a chocolate bar with that money!!!!👿👿👿😡😡😡



$2.99 for one keyboard!?!?

How come the app shows several keyboards to chose from but you do not get to chose!?!?


If you buy any keyboard, it only lasts a day. Its a horrid app that I do NOT recommend you get.

This app can access all your data including every key stroke. Not good.

Do not download apps that can access all your data!

Really bad like poop💩💩💩💩

Wish I would be able to give zero stars. After I paid I had to pay more! DON'T DOWNLOAD

Wish I could give 0 stars

Garbage app

Worst investment ever

Not worth your money guys even if it was free wouldn't download


This app is a scam. You pay 1.99 for the app itself and then another 3$ for every background

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