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STUPID! Dont get it!

Lets pay 2 bucks for an app only to have to pay 2 bucks to a dollar to get any of the good keyboards. Not to mention it is ridiculously slow when typing. Doesnt even deserve one star!

Stupid dont get

Makes you pay for basically every keyboard i want my money back


You spend two bucks for the app and you think its a steal but its NOT. There are only three free keyboards and they arent even animated! The good ones are two bucks extra, EACH. And if you do buy the good boards, but you have already picked a different one and tried it out, you CANNOT switch! Autocorrect isnt even enabled for this app and the typing is sooooo slow. If you dont believe me, you will regret it.


I download it and there is only 3 keyboards that are free and the rest cost money so i try to change my keyboard and it doesnt even work!


Dont spend your money here! This app dose not offer as many keyboard as shown in the description and you have to PAY MORE for different keyboards. The keyboards barley work and caused my phone incredable lag when using google. Plus they ONLY work when using google.


Doesnt work wont let you use their keyboards anywhere dont waste your money

Not working

I added the keyboard to my settings but not displaying for text msging?


This is the worst thing ever No caps No auto correct This app is just a waste of money For what? Just so you have a pretty thing to look at while your typing

Do not download

It doesnt even work and there are 4 customization options. I demand a trial by combat. jk with the trial but I want my money back


Great app fun to use but it needs to have autocorrect and it would be the perfect keyboard app

it works and it dosent

it works u just have to try a few times i love this it dosent work in imessage

Terrible app doesnt work

This app doesnt work at all waste of money

Dont get it.

It offers 7 meh keyboards for the unworthy price of 2.29. To be honest I believe the stock keyboard to be better. On the bright side the design of the app is good, but thats about it. If you want a good keyboard go get TouchPal.

Dont buy

I cant get it to work it is a waste of money



i rlly like the keyboards (i am using one now) but it costs LOADS of money


add predictive keyboard and also make emojis easier to find by adding recent emojis. Please


Currently typing this from iPhones keyboard, NOT a fancy one. Why? Because this app doesnt work.. And if you DO purchase it it makes you purchase the keyboards INDIVIDUALLY once in the app. DO NOT BUY.


This is a good app but i can only get like 3 themes i sugest u dont spend ur money do not get his app

Dont buy this sht

The worst app that I ever buy;Не покупайте это "г",скачайте лучше бесплатную,она лучше и практичней

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